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There are many reasons why patients turn to porcelain veneers when they’re aren’t satisfied with their teeth and smile. If porcelain veneers are something you’re considering it makes sense to learn more about them and how they can improve your smile, confidence, and overall well being.

Periodontal Procedures
Porcelain veneers work by masking any dental imperfections that you might have on the surface of your teeth.

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That’s exactly what we’re doing to discuss next. So, if you want an improved smile and you want to learn more about the option of using porcelain veneers in order to achieve it, here’s everything that you should know about porcelain veneers.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers work by essentially masking any of the dental imperfections that you might have on the surface of your teeth. These might include stains that have developed over time or chips and damage that might have occurred as a result of injuries. Sometimes, they can be used to hide teeth that have been worn or are simply misaligned. They’re great at masking all of those kinds of faults, and they’re very strong and long-lasting as well.

When it comes to cosmetic dental work, porcelain veneers are among the most popular and commonly-used solutions out there. They might not fix any core issues that cause dental problems, but those kinds of fixes are not always needed. If your needs are entirely cosmetic and you want to simply improve your smile and have more confidence in it, porcelain veneers might well be the option for you.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Now that you know what porcelain veneers are, it’s important to understand what makes them appealing and beneficial to so many patients.

A Natural Appearance

One of the things that’s most appealing about porcelain veneers is their appearance. They create a very natural appearance and that’s what most people are looking for from any cosmetic dental procedure. They want to look like their teeth are natural and they’ve not had anything done to them. Porcelain veneers can achieve that.

The veneers used are based on the impression that your dentist takes of your teeth. This is what helps them to look exactly like your real teeth in terms of the shapes, the color and all the contours that your teeth have. As a result, they look very natural and lifelike once they’re in place.

Solves All Kinds of Dental Issues

There’s a wide variety of dental problems that can be addressed with the use of porcelain veneers and some of them have already been covered and discussed above. If you have gaps in your teeth, bad stains on the surface of your teeth or chips that make the teeth look less than ideal, porcelain veneers can be used to address all of those problems.

There are not many dental procedures that can be used to address so many issues. It’s something that you can talk to your dentist about because they’ll be the best judge of whether you’re a good candidate for this kind of procedure, but if you have any of the problems mentioned here, the chances are you will be.

Easy to Maintain

Once they’re in place, your porcelain veneers will be very easy to maintain. For the most part, you will simply need to look after your porcelain veneers in the same way you’d look after and care for your normal teeth. There’s not much difference between the two maintenance routines at all, which is good for most people.

You’ll need to brush them twice a day in the same way you normally would. Flossing each day will also help as well. This ensures plaque and tartar don’t begin to build up on the teeth. Going for regular dental checkups is a must as well. That way, you can be sure everything’s going as it should.

Quick & Easy

The process of fitting porcelain veneers is very quick and easy when compared to other dental procedures. The technology used makes the process of fitting the veneers very quick and easy, and that’s a benefit for patients who don’t want to be subjected to long and protracted dental procedures.

It can take about an hour to have them fitted and that’s definitely a big advantage. People often assume that a procedure as big and as impactful as this will take longer in the dentist’s chair but that’s not the case. It’s something that you can discuss in more depth with your dentist.

Very Long-Lasting

With good porcelain veneers that are fitted correctly by a reliable dentist, they tend to last for a long time. No one wants to be having them replaced within a year or two and you certainly won’t have to if you choose this option. They last a long time and offer you exactly what you need.

Of course, a big part of what will decide how long your porcelain veneers last will be how you choose to look after them. If you do all the right things, go for checkups, clean them twice daily and floss regularly, you can reasonably expect your porcelain veneers to last for around 10 years.

Flexible & Able to Meet A Variety of Needs

Another benefit of porcelain veneers is how they can suit a variety of needs. They can be used in so many ways depending on the requirements and dental situation of the patient in question. Whether you need a small amount of masking or more; dental veneers can work for you.

Patients can choose to have a single porcelain veneer put in place if they only have one damaged tooth. But it’s also possible to have a whole row of teeth covered by veneers if necessary.

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