Clear aligners, or “invisible braces”, are a more aesthetic alternative to conventional braces. They align your teeth, improve your bite and reduce tooth wear.

Our Approach

We will determine whether you are a good candidate for Clear Aligners by performing a comprehensive exam and taking records. Then we will create a digital simulation of the treatment process. That will allow for a more precise planning, so we can achieve optimal results.

  1. Pre-treatment
    • Before treatment begins, our team will examine the patient’s oral construction and take diagnostic records of the teeth through x-rays, photographs or digital impressions/scans.
  2. Mid-treatment
    • Using these digital impressions, we’ll create a series of removable plastic aligners which serve as replicas of your teeth formation.
  3. Post-treatment
    • Over time, clear aligners will gradually position teeth so that patients achieve a healthy bite where both top teeth and bottom teeth match together functionally.