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    Facial Growth & Development

    Facial Growth OVerview


    Proper facial development is crucial in order to create enough space for all teeth to erupt and be aligned. Modern lifestyle, habits and certain health issues, can lead to insufficient growth of the upper jaw. Inadequate upper jaw growth in turn, doesn’t provide enough space for all teeth to erupt, holds back the development of the lower jaw and is associated with teeth clenching, grinding and snoring. In severe cases this can lead to disturbed sleep and further health problems. 

    Facial Growth Approach

    Our Approach

    At BK Dental we care deeply about the whole well-being of our children. We try to identify any underlying causes for dental problems as early as possible. Most children have well defined bite problems between the ages of 3-5. We develop treatment plans according to every individual need, implementing orthodontic appliances, bonding and myofacial exercises.