What Is An Evanston Family Dentist?

Are you searching for an Evanston family dentist? If so, then you must ensure that you find the best fit for your family. You need a dentist you can trust, one that’s good with children, and who can offer all the treatments you need. Generally speaking, it’s much better to see a dedicated family dentist rather than a dentist who focuses on general dentistry. The question is, how do you differentiate from the two, and what benefits will you get from visiting an Evanston family dentist?

How Are Family Dentists Different From General Dentists?

On the face of it, family dentists and general dentists are very similar. Both provide dental treatments, and both can help with a range of problems. The difference is mainly in the way they see patients. A general dentist focuses all of their attention on adults, and they rarely see children. In fact, some general dentists won’t even see patients that are below a certain age. 

With an Evanston family dentist, you have a dentist who takes care of children as well. They see kids of all ages – even toddlers and babies that are having their first appointments. The overall experience your child has at the dentist will be better, and will no longer feel afraid of visiting the dentist. 

What Are The Benefits Of Seeing An Evanston Family Dentist?

Why should your family go to a family dentist instead of a general one? As we touched upon above, they know how to treat kids better than general dentists. Your children will be in an environment where they can feel safe and you will feel assured that their teeth will be taken care of. General dental practices may struggle to keep children occupied, leading to restlessness and anxiety. A family dentist can have games, books, and can even participate in their treatment plan. 

This extends to the dental chair as well; a family dentist uses special techniques to keep children calm while providing treatment. They may even reward your child with a prize afterward for their bravery. Your children will  start to develop a positive relationship with their dentist from a young age. 

Plus, you can book your appointment to be at the same time that your children come into our practice. Family dentists are more than capable of treating adults too. So, the whole family can be booked in for an appointment together, which saves you from needing to see two separate dentists at two different times. By doing this, a family dentist could also pick up on problems in your mouth and look for them in your children’s teeth as well. If you’re prone to decay or gum disease, then they can check your children to see if they’ve inherited similar complications. As a result, they can be caught and treated early!

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