Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia, Front Desk Assistant

Monica works at the front desk and behind the scenes, ensuring the office runs smoothly, dealing with day to day tasks such as scheduling patients and processing claims.

Dentistry attracts me, because I have always worked with children and seniors and the dental office brings them all together.

Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Monica now lives in Hoffman Estates. She attended Harper College, and later worked at a school and as a caregiver for the elderly. She says dentistry is exceptionally rewarding:

I enjoy the patients, and like my co-workers. We strive to ease our patients’ fears and ensure that their visit is positive.

When not at the office, Monica is generally hanging out with her family, visiting the movie theater with her daughters and grandchildren or enjoying reading the Hans Christian Andersen tales. She admires her children for their kind spirits, and Martin Luther King, Jr. for his battle for equality. Given the ability to do anything for a year, Monica would go on a trip to Mexico with her children.