Maral Krekoryan

Pursuing dentistry originally in her native Iraq, Maral knew that she could contribute more, and grow more, in the United States. Choosing Chicago because of the city’s vibrancy, and with an uncle in residence, she could quickly continue her dedication to oral health. Joining Dr. Chernoff’s team is like the fast-lane onto the professional highway, as she discovers a shared commitment to comprehensive care. From diagnosing, to presenting options to patients, to developing long-term solutions for each, Dr. Chernoff provides an environment of relationship dentistry. Maral combines this hands-on learning and experience with her continuing education.

When I was a child, I would always accompany a family member to the dentist. There is something about the office setting— and the dentist himself— that captured me! There were the small color coded boxes, all the instruments…..even the noise of the drill… I loved how all of that came together to help the patients. They would always leave the office so much better than when then came in! To be part of this is a dream that came true.
The best reward is always from patients—that look on their faces when they are happy with their treatment results. Working in this profession gives me great joy!

Coming to the United States, and thanks to Dr. Chernoff, I am now familiar with many advanced, up-to-date procedures and materials. I get to know how the system works. And, he has helped me gain confidence in dealing with different situations, communicating with patients, and coordinating with labs.

I’ve recently passed my second dental board examination. If everything goes as planned, I should start dental school next year. I feel very lucky to work in my profession while I grow, because it is the whole package about dentistry that I love. Looking back at myself when I first started versus now makes me feel very fortunate to be in this position.