Libby Denenberg

With general a behind-the-scenes office background, Libby came to help at Dr. Chernoff’s office, and discovered she has more talents than she thought. From greeting patients, helping with appointments, and keeping in touch with you, Libby uses her people-skills. Then she learned that she has insight into bookkeeping by using her analytical talents. And finally, integrating all the communications, working on marketing strategy and promotion, managing all the office functions, Libby gets to juggle to her heart’s content!

It energizes me to be with people, and I am a good multi-tasker. It was always hard for me to choose a direction when I was younger because I am interested in a lot of things. Originally, I was attracted to becoming a librarian, surrounded by different subjects and all areas of life. The same is true in a dental office: we see all kinds of people. It flexes my my personality to accommodate theirs.

Also when young, I thought of being a nurse to help crippled children. And, I am involved with spirituality. Do dentistry and spirituality go together? Now I see that it is a major component. Improving smiles can elevate like medicine to the soul. So this is a good fit for me.

When I began my receptionist job with Dr. Chernoff, I didn’t know that I am also good with numbers. And, I like a challenge. So, I became the office manager.

Learning about dentistry, and becoming more involved, I am in awe of what the professionals do. I love to do my part in assisting patients to get the treatment they need. I love to see them improve as their comfort level improves. Personality affects a patient’s experience to feel understood and cared for. I hope, through my personality and interactions, that all who come here feel comfortable, and that we wish to do the best for them. It is uplifting to feel I can make a difference and assist others in what they do to help.