Discover Free Teeth Whitening for Life From BK Dental

Are Your Teeth White Enough?

Many of our patients tell us that they want whiter teeth. White teeth look clean and healthy and make you proud to show off your smile. Teeth whitening treatments at our Wood Dale and Evanston offices have proven to be effective and safe. However, there are many factors in life that can cause teeth to discolor again. Repeated touch-up treatments are necessary in order to keep your smile bright, healthy and beautiful. That is why Dr. Kaltchev offers FREE Teeth Whitening For Life!

What Exactly Is FREE Teeth Whitening For Life?

FREE Teeth Whitening For Life from BK Dental is designed to allow patients to keep their teeth white throughout their entire life. During your preventative cleaning and exam appointment we evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. Once we determine that it is safe for you to have your teeth whitened, our team will create custom trays to fit your teeth perfectly, unlike pre-made trays that you buy at the drug store.

With our teeth whitening For Life program, the service doesn’t end there. When you come for your next preventive appointment, you will be given whitening gel refill, provided that Dr. Kaltchev determines that it is safe and necessary to have a teeth whitening touch up treatment.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening is something that many patients want, but not everyone is sure it can work for them. You might be worried if it will give you the white smile you have always wanted, if it is safe or even if it might make your teeth look unnatural.

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure. Done in a professional setting, it is safe, gives confidence and self-esteem.

How White Can Your Teeth Get?

It is important to have realistic expectations about teeth whitening treatment. It can be very effective but takes time and the final result depends on individual factors like tooth structure and eating habits. Dr. Kaltchev will work with you to achieve optimal results based on your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that your teeth are healthy, looking natural and beautifully white!

Why use FREE teeth whitening for life?

Once you’ve had your teeth whitened, what’s the benefit of using our FREE teeth whitening for life program? Teeth whitening can greatly improve your smile, but it is never permanent. As you go about your daily life, eating your favorite foods and drinking coffee, soda, and wine, you will notice that your teeth are becoming discolored and stained again. Having touch-up whitening treatments will help maintain your teeth brighter. When you use our FREE teeth whitening for life program, we give you refills of professional whitening gel at your preventive appointments.

Why Use Professional Teeth Whitening Services?

It is possible to whiten your teeth at home using over the counter products. However, generic trays do not fit accurately and the whitening gel has a lower bleach concentration, causing uneven whitening and less bright teeth. Due to the non-custom fit of the trays, the whitening gel might spread to the gums, resulting in gums irritation.

On the other hand, professionally controlled teeth whitening is safer and more effective. Dr. Kaltchev will make custom fit trays, examine your teeth and monitor the whitening treatment on a weekly basis. Every step of the process is tailored to your individual needs.

Why Choose BK Dental For FREE Teeth Whitening For Life?

At BK Dental we establish personal relationships with our patients, working with their needs and wants. We strive for openness and have our patients’ over all well-being in mind.

Get in touch with BK Dental today to benefit from our FREE Teeth Whitening For Life program!