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If you currently wear dentures or have a bridge to replace missing teeth and would like a better solution, then a fixed hybrid denture might be a solution. Fixed hybrid dentures provide you with a range of distinct advantages over both regular dentures and fixed bridges, secured by implants.

What Is A Fixed Hybrid Denture?

A fixed hybrid denture is a type of dental prosthesis which takes the best features of implants, bridges, and dentures and combines them into one, super powered treatment.

Unlike traditional dentures, a fixed hybrid denture fits into your mouth on permanently implanted posts, screwed to your jawbone. You don’t need to use adhesives of any kind: these titanium posts hold the denture in place.

Fixed hybrid dentures also improve the appearance of your teeth and gums, without removing all your teeth in your upper or lower jaw. If you have gum or bone loss, some crowns can appear too long for the surrounding teeth. The recession of the gum means that replacement teeth appear extended and ugly. Fixed hybrid dentures use pink acrylic to simulate the appearance of gum, allowing the crowns in the bridge to look normal.

The term hybrid, therefore, comes from the fact that these dentures are a cross between dentures and bridges. You get the superior aesthetic appearance offered by dentures which simulate a lower gum line, but with all the benefits of dental implants.

How Are Fixed Hybrid Dentures Fixed In Place?

Fixed hybrid dentures, as the name implies, are set in place. Only a qualified dentist can remove them safely. Fixed hybrid dentures use titanium posts implanted directly into the jawbone.

Fixing hybrid dentures in this way provides substantial benefits over traditional dentures. With implants, you can use your dentures in much the same way you would use your natural dentition. Implants allow you to bite down hard on your food as you would regularly. There’s also a much lower risk of fixed hybrid dentures falling out. The implants keep them secured in place, meaning that you’re less restricted in what you can eat. People who use fixed hybrid dentures report that it feels similar to using their natural teeth and that they’re able to achieve similar biting forces while eating.

Who Can Benefit From Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

A vast swathe of people can benefit from fixed hybrid dentures because they offer similar benefits to regular implants.

  • Patients who have lost a lot of teeth in an accident and require dental reconstruction
  • Patients who have lost teeth through decay or disease
  • Older adults who have lost bone in their jaw from long-term use of traditional dentures
  • Patients who want to restore chewing function and improve the appearance of their gumline at the same time

What Are The Benefits Of Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

The benefits of fixed hybrid dentures are considerable:

Achieve A More Youthful Appearance

Fixed hybrid dentures are vital for helping you achieve a more youthful appearance and preventing bone loss. Fixed hybrid dentures use sections of pink acrylic to simulate the appearance of gum. Receding gums is a hallmark of aging, but with a fixed hybrid denture, you can replace lost gum and restore the natural gum line.

Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is a significant problem for people missing teeth as they get older. Because wearers of regular dentures cannot chew with substantial force, the bone which supports the teeth begins to lose its strength. Over time, this leads to bone loss, accelerating facial aging and making you appear older than you are.

Fixed hybrid dentures restore natural biting forces and can prevent further deterioration of the surrounding bone. Implants also support the structure of your face, helping to provide more natural angles and definition.

Avoid Using Creams And Adhesives

Fixed hybrid dentures screw into your mouth, supported by posts in your jawbone. No matter what, they stay in place. What’s more, there’s no need for creams or adhesives as there are for traditional dentures.

Clean Them Just Like Your Regular Teeth

The great thing about fixed hybrid dentures is that you can clean them just as you would your regular teeth. Brushing and flossing remove harmful bacteria and helps prevent the buildup of plaque, keeping them in good condition and supporting your overall oral hygiene.

Easy To Maintain

Maintaining traditional dentures was always a challenge. You had to clean them every night and perform maintenance. It was a hassle. And because they do not permanently attach to your mouth, they are prone to damage.

Fixed hybrid dentures, on the other hand, are no more difficult to clean than your regular teeth and come with a host of benefits. Dentists leave a small gap between the prosthesis and the bone to make cleaning easier.

Superior Comfort

Fixed hybrid dentures are just as comfortable as your natural teeth and aren’t prone to falling out at the wrong time (unlike traditional dentures). With fixed hybrid dentures, you can feel more confident while kissing, eating and speaking, secure in the knowledge that all your teeth will stay firmly in your mouth.

Getting Fixed Hybrid Dentures: What To Expect

Getting fixed hybrid dentures might sound like an extreme intervention or a massive operation, but it’s actually relatively simple. Your dentist will speak with you about what will happen and which teeth you’d like to keep. You’ll then have all the usual molds taken, and the dental lab will construct your new dentures.

Installing the implanted posts is pain-free, thanks to anaesthetics, and once that’s done, you’re ready to receive the hybrid dentures. Over the long-term, the benefits are considerable. You’ll feel more confident, preserve bone in your jaw, and avoid all of the usual inconvenience of a traditional denture. Fixed hybrid dentures can make you feel like you have your natural teeth back.

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