Dental Sealants in Evanston & Wood Dale

All of our patients can enjoy dental sealants in Evanston & Wood Dale when they visit BK Dental. This service is highly effective at providing your teeth and your children’s teeth with the protection they need from decay. When decay forms, it can lead to more pressing complications further down the line. So, prevention is key, and our dental sealants will help. 

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Dental Sealants Can Help To Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Prevent Cavities!

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What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are in essence plastic coatings that are ‘painted’ onto your teeth. Typically, they’re applied to the back of teeth – molars and pre-molars – as these are the most at risk of dental decay. The plastic resin used to create dental sealants is completely non-toxic, and the procedure will only take a few minutes. 

Here, the sealants act as a protective barrier for your teeth. They coat the surface, which stops bacteria from lingering in the grooves and creating decay. It’s a simple process that’s usually used in cases where the patient is at risk of developing decay in their back teeth. By taking action early on, we can prevent this from happening.

Why Are Dental Sealants Used?

We use dental sealants to help arm you in the battle against decay. Needless to say, you should already be following a good oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. Unfortunately, the back teeth are always the trickiest to clean. We use them for chewing food which means particles can get stuck in the little grooves in your molars. 

Consequently, if you can’t reach your back teeth or struggle to remove all the food and bacteria from them, then decay will quickly develop. This is why we use dental sealants; to protect the areas of your teeth that you can’t reach. Now, it won’t be as big of an issue if you can’t thoroughly clean your molars and pre-molars because they have added protection to prevent decay and caries.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Sealants?

As we’ve mentioned, the main benefit is that dental sealants in Evanston & Wood Dale, IL prevent decay. When decay forms, it leads to cavities developing in your teeth. These can become infected and grow larger and larger. Even a small cavity is a problem that requires a filling. Big cavities can result in lengthy procedures like the need for crowns or root canals – as well as causing you lots of pain. So, by taking action and preventing decay, you don’t have to worry about potential additional complications. 

Furthermore, dental sealants also offer protection against other things in your mouth as well. When we eat food, we ingest acids and sugars, which effectively erode away at our teeth. Thanks to dental sealants, you get a barrier to stop these substances from being a problem. So, you can eat fruit – and other things high in sugar and acids – without worrying about the harm they cause your teeth. 

Also, you can benefit from dental sealants as they help maintain a healthy smile. When you start to have tooth decay, it makes your smile look worse than it used to be. You may need fillings or crowns, which can further alter the way your teeth look. In some extreme cases, you may even need to have a decayed tooth extracted from your gumline! By using sealants, we can stop any of this from being an issue. You’ll retain all of your natural teeth, giving you a healthy smile that helps you keep your confidence!

If you continue to look after your teeth and brush every day, then your dental sealants will likely last for a few years. We strongly advise you to come in twice a year for a regular dental checkup so we can keep tabs on the sealant. If the surface starts to come off, then we can re-apply it if needed.

What Is The Treatment Like?

When you come in to get dental sealants, you’ll first be treated by a member of our dental team. To begin, we provide a thorough dental cleaning for your teeth. Essentially, this gets deep into your mouth and removes any plaque or bacteria that are present. We can reach the areas that you may struggle to get to, which leaves you with a perfectly clean mouth. There’s no point applying dental sealants to an unclean mouth as that will effectively just trap bacteria and decay below the sealant. 

After the cleaning, we apply an acidic solution to the surface of your teeth. Don’t worry, this won’t cause any damage, it’s purely to help roughen it up slightly. We do this so the dental sealant has something to grip to, which bonds it to your teeth better. 

Dr. Kaltchev will then start to carefully apply the dental sealant to your back teeth. This is done using a tiny brush, so it’s an entirely non-invasive procedure. Once the resin has been applied, it is set by using an ultraviolet light. This allows it to dry instantly, so you can leave the practice without any issues. You can go out and live your life straight away!

Can Anyone Get Dental Sealants In Evanston & Wood Dale?

Yes, you can get dental sealants regardless of your age or situation. They work best when applied in young children as it helps keep their teeth healthy as they continue to grow and their adult teeth continue to develop. But, adults can benefit just as much from them as well. 

After all, dental sealants are a key aspect of preventative dentistry. If you want to do all you can to protect your teeth from decay, then dental sealants are a procedure to consider.

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