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If you currently wear a traditional denture but would like something better, then a bar supported hybrid denture can be a solution. Bar-supported hybrid dentures help to improve your bite while eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional dentures.

What Is A Bar-Supported Hybrid Denture?

In the past, the only option for patients with missing teeth was to wear a denture: a removable prosthesis which simulated the appearance of missing teeth and gum. The problem with traditional dentures, however, was that they are prone to fallout. Wearers also have to put up with smearing adhesive on the inside of their mouths daily – something which many find unpleasant.

Dental practitioners, therefore, developed the dental implant system. Dental implants are posts which Dr. Kaltchev insert into the jawbone to provide support for any prosthetic placed on top. The posts, which are made from minimally bio-reactive materials like titanium, provide a scaffold/root on which you can construct artificial teeth. It is, in general, a much better way of building a new set of teeth.

Most dental implant systems which replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw use six to eight posts. However, some patients may not have enough bone mass to support this many implants. Dentists, therefore, developed systems which required fewer posts but would provide the same level of support.

Most bar-supported hybrid dentures use three to four posts, reducing the need for a bone graft. Regular hybrid dentures attach directly to posts, but the bar-supported variety uses an intermediate bar to provide wearers with additional functionality.

The bar sits on top of the posts but under the denture. It gives the patient the ability to remove the hybrid denture without having to go to the dentist. Being able to remove the denture makes it easier to clean or replace while the crossbar provides more support and stability.

Many people, therefore, choose bar supported hybrid dentures for their flexibility, comfort, durability and chewing performance.

How Does Dr Kaltchev Install A Bar-Supported Denture?

Installing a bar-supported denture is a similar process to fitting regular implants. Because of the space that the bar takes up on the gum, Dr. Kaltchev uses bar-supported dentures to replace the entire row of teeth on the top or bottom jaw.

The first part job is to scan the jaw to ensure that there is sufficient bone for the implants. Dr. Kaltchev then works with you to schedule an appointment to put the dental implants in place. Once the procedure is complete it typically takes around three months for the implants to heal and fuse with your bone.

Once the jawbone fuses with the titanium implants, you will be able to get the bar and denture fitted. The fitting of the bar and denture normally is separate. The dental lab will manufacture the bar and customize it to the shape of the dental implants so that it will connect with all of them. Dr. Kaltchev must have custom manufactured bars because the location of each dental implant depends on the shape of the jaw, which varies from patient to patient.

The next step is to fabricate and install your denture. Hybrid dentures are made of durable materials, including acrylic, which simulates the appearance of both teeth and gum. Hybrid dentures, therefore, not only provide you with a stable biting surface but can also dramatically enhance your appearance.

Once the bar-supported hybrid denture is in place, you can remove it at will. You cannot, however, remove the bar itself. It’s essential to brush the bar as you would your regular teeth to prevent the buildup of plaque. Brushing your bar will also help to keep the surrounding gum healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of Bar-Supported Implants?

The benefits of bar-supported implants are considerable. Bar-supported implants provide all the benefits of other types of dental implants, but with a host of additional benefits.

Less Surgery Than Traditional Implants

Bar-supported dentures require surgery to place the posts in the bone. However, you usually need fewer implants than you do for traditional implant surgery. Just three or four implants is often enough to secure your upper or lower jaw denture.

Shorter Recovery Period

Less surgery means that there’s a shorter recovery period from the operation. Most patients only require one operation to insert the implants. Once the implants are secured in place, that’s it.

Traditional implants often necessitate installing many more implants, usually one per tooth. You need to go back to our practice to ensure proper healing, and Dr. Kaltchev often has to create temporary teeth for you during your recovery time. These issues are usually less severe if you choose a bar-supported hybrid denture.

You Can Avoid A Bone Graft

Traditional implants require that there be sufficient bone in the jaw to support the titanium post. Placing too many implants in your jawbone can damage it, leading to complications. The traditional way to get around this problem was to graft bone onto the jaw from a different part of the body.

Most patients, however, would prefer to avoid this. Bar-supported hybrid dentures reduce the likelihood of having to have a bone graft by using fewer implants. You can have hybrid dentures installed with just three or four posts.

You Can Remove Bar-Supported Dentures

Sometimes you may need to remove your dentures. With fixed hybrid dentures, you can’t unless you visit Dr. Kaltchev. Bar-supported dentures, however, are easily removed and reinstalled at your convenience, enabling you to clean your gums thoroughly.

Your Dentures Will Not Fall Out

Traditional dentures had an annoying habit of slipping or falling out entirely at the worst possible moment. One minute you could be chewing quite happily enjoying your food and the next, your teeth had fallen out. Bar-supported hybrid dentures, just like all dentures which rely on implants, can’t fall out.

Lower Maintenance

Cleaning traditional dentures every night was a chore. With hybrid dentures, you brush them as you would your regular teeth. It’s as simple as that.

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